Skills Development

Skills Development times is fun time set aside for preschool students to strengthen listening, fine motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and writing skills. The children will enjoy the wide variety of activities. If some of the suggested activities do not take the full time allotted, other activities such as art, stencil art, books, building blocks, puzzles, etc. will be exercised.


Using the simple, logical phonics system, children in Preschool K4 can learn to read. They begin by mastering the vowels and consonants and their sounds through enjoyable classroom teaching. Forming blends and reading simple words comes naturally after that. During the second semester, the children continue learning phonics and start reading aloud in reading circles. Small, colorful books give them the incentive to work hard at reading.


Preschool K4 students learn to write each of the small letters of the alphabet first. Then they find that it is easy to join most of the letters and that they can write blends and words. Preschool K4 lays the foundation for learning the basic cursive writing strokes. Students fine-tune these skills as enter Kindergarten K5, first and second grade. Students learn cursive writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics. As they learn the sound and name of each vowel and consonant, they learn to write the lower-case letters in writing time.

Activity Time/Numbers

In K4, children learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers. By the end of the year, they will be able to count from 1-100, recognize 1-20, distinguish before and after numbers, and answer simple combinations. Activity Time involves a number of fun activities, including Show and Tell, telling time, music, poetry and finger plays, drama and nursery rhymes, and art.

Language Development

Interesting material about animals, people, and places make this a very enjoyable time for the children. Language Development Cards will encourage children to think and will also strengthen their vocabulary and language skills.