Steps to Admission
We are delighted you have elected to begin the enrollment process!

For a timely and accurate process, please carefully follow these STEPS TO ADMISSION.

1.Complete and submit Student Application

2.Pay registration fee upon submission

3.Include copies of the Birth Certificate and Current Immunization Records

4.Fill out Office and Teacher Information Card

5.Pay Abeka Book Fee & August tuition by August 1st

*Placement in a class is not reserved until fees are paid in full**

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

New Student Registration Fee

$250.00 per student due with application, non-refundable

Returning Student Registration Fee

$200.00 per student due with application, non-refundable

(must be paid by March of the upcoming year)

Student Testing Fee – Required for students entering 1st grade or higher

$30 per student, non-refundable

Book Fee – Due by August 1st

$150.00 Preschool – Kindergarten

$250.00 1st- 4th grade

Annual School Tuition – Payment begins August 1 and ends May 1

*August tuition, book fees & registration are due by August 1st. Predated checks for Sept – May tuition are to be completed and turned into the office by August 1st as well.*

Preschool (ages 3 &4)

$3,250 paid in 10 equal installments ($325.00/month)

Kindergarten – 4th grade

$2,750 paid in 10 equal installments ($275.00/month)

2017-2018 Application & Handbook

Please download and fill out the required forms.

Student Application

Parent – Student Handbook

2017 -2018 School Supply List

PreK3 Supply List

PreK4 Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

First – Second Grade Supply List

Third – Fifth Grade Supply List

*We kindly ask that all brands be non-generic and restocking essential items halfway through the year will be requested*

Coach Carlos Olivares D-License Certified

FC Dallas Affliliated Training

Fundamentals & development

Agility training

Team sportsmanship

Fees & Uniform Requirements

$30/month due on the 1st of each month – Cash Only

Uniform requirements – Red RPA t-shirt, solid black shorts, solid black soccer socks, shin guards, cleats & labeled soccer ball (size 3 or 4)